Cook Islands Seabed Minerals – the booklet

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Gerald McCormack, Natural Heritage Trust
Booklet published 2016. Available here 28 April 2021

An oblique view of the seabed across the South Penrhyn Basin to the Manihiki Plateau.

The Trust’s booklet “Cook Islands Seabed Minerals – a precautionary approach to mining” was published in 2016 after three years of research.

The booklet provides baseline information on the environment and the possible impacts of a typical nodule mining scenario. The information should enable everyone to develop their own views and questions to participate in discussions.  And, in particular, to participate in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that will decide if mining can occur or not.

You can open it to read and download here:  The Trust’s Booklet

Since the booklet was published a few topics have been raised that were not covered in the booklet. These have been covered in the Cook Islands News and the articles are on this website with links below.

Will Nodule Mining Increase Climate Change?  Likely impacts on climate change

Assessing impacts on megafauna using a 6-mine scenario.  Megafauna & the 6-mine scenario

Discussion of criticism of the 6-mine scenario.  Answering criticism of the 6-mine scenario


Gerald McCormack

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Gerald has worked on Cook Islands marine and terrestrial biodiversity since 1980. He was the foundation Director of the Natural Heritage Trust from 1990 to 2020.

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